CMS4BIZ features


CMS4BIZ was a centralized cloud CMS from day one. We used to call it an ASP CMS and then a SaaS CMS, but it’s really all the same thing. We proud to introduce a unique feature that makes it 100% user friendly Mobile First CMS. When we talking about unique, we mean unique! Something that designed and developed by us and you cannot find it anywhere else. By using this unique feature, you can choose your website boxing model in a few seconds. 2 columns? 3 columns? Doesn’t matter, you can decide about your layout and codes you want to show in your blocks.

What you receive when you order our CMS?

- A Mobile First CMS

- Form Builder (You can use it for any page or partially in some pages)

- Theme content (Ability to edit your design, hide or show the blocks & update the content)

- Content Blocks (Ability to add n-cols pages including Google Map, Youtube videos, Sound Cloud audio, Chart & data blocks)

- 2 daily backup of your data

- Ability to integrate with our e-shop software

Cisco Systems, Inc

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