The Road to Enterprise Social

What’s required to transform to a high functioning Enterprise Social business?

Enterprise SocialEnterprise Social is a term used to describe highly collaborative practices within an organisation, but also between an organisation and its partners and customers.

Social networks are transforming the way people communicate in all aspects of their private lives. When they come to work, they’re now demanding functionality that will enable them to communicate in the same way.

Organisations that adopt Enterprise Social can achieve a range of benefits:

Attracting and retaining staff
Enabling staff to collaborate and share information
Enhancing skills and capabilities
What’s involved?

The first step to an effective deployment is defining organisational goals and developing a strategy. A number of factors come into play when planning the transition:

The existing culture of the organisation
Communication style endorsed by leadership
Level of encouragement for collaborative practices
Overall willingness for a company to be integrated
Previous experiments with social tools
There is no single blueprint or plan for Enterprise Social, and the process will be different for each organisation. Any decision on Enterprise Social must take into account behaviours, goals, culture and activities of the organisation and individuals.

Helping you achieve your outcomes

Have you deployed social tools but are stuck with what to do next? Perhaps you’ve been given the task of bringing your organisation together to work more collaboratively – local, national or even international.

Enyst has created a framework that can be adapted to suit the objectives and circumstances of any organisation. Our starting point is to understand your objectives, and where you are at today in terms of Enterprise Social maturity. We’ll then work with you to develop a roadmap for organisational transition (people, processes and cultural change) and the most appropriate tools.